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Young Rights at the Bloomsbury Festival 2012 is the culmination event of a year's research with 3 groups of local young people between 13 - 25 years: Coram's Fields Youth Centre, Coram Young Parent's group and Pan's Fortune group

They have been exploring the heritage of Bloomsbury in the development of children's and young people's rights; discover their concerns about Open Space, Prejudice and Travel. 

What is your favourite human right? Have you ever thought of it?

Young People from Coram's Fields Youth Centre created 4 banners to reclaim their rights to space. 

As Octavia Hill said in 1883, while campaigning for the opening of public spaces: "Our lives in London are over-crowded, over-excited, over-strained. This is true of all classes; we all want quiet; we all want beauty for the re­freshment of our souls”. After over a century this is still true and, as a response, the young people depicted in their flags how buildings and concrete are taking over the green and how they feel their freedom is being restricted. 
Their flags scream: 'Freedom', 'Protect public land and fight privatisation', 'By selling our land you are selling our freedom' and 'Don't give it into capitalism'.

Listen to the young people here    

Coram’s Young Parents Group designed an interactive journey into their lives to challenge prejudice on young mothers. 

The exhibition displays a series of self portraits, an installation of handbags representing the young mothers’ lives and a sculpture of a buggy voicing their concerns and the way they feel they are constantly addressed. The audience was invited not to stop at the first impression and look closer to respond to this question: “Who do you think I am?”.

Listen to the young mothers here    

Fortune, Pan’s Young Refugee Group performed their piece “Right To Travel”. 

As huge letters were moving composing the words ‘Escape’ ‘Holiday’ ‘Travel’ and ‘Moving’, the performers brought to life the different ways people perceive travel and what happen when need is the driving force of a journey. The audience later said: ‘Thought provoking and inspiring’, ‘I liked very much, inspiring, emotional. Great!’.

It was a wonderful day and a great celebration of a year of learning and creative work!

Have a look at the pictures of performances and exhibition here

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