Fortune and the Right to Travel

Over the last year Fortune has researched the rich legacy of Human Rights campaigners found in Bloomsbury. Bloomsbury is home to Coram's Fields, the space in which Fortune have held creative workshops, sessions, rehearsals and performances for many years. Linking the Foundling Hospital of the past to the current Coram's Fields (in particular the very lovely Guides Hall) in which we meet today, was a great experience. Of all the Human Rights and campaigners, the Article which struck a chord with our group most was 'the Right to Travel'

Article 13. of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:  

'Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.'

After a trip to the Foundling Museum, the notion of travelling for need and in order to protect your child emerged as a thread the group sought to present creatively. Some of our group worked on creating a character that had to travel all the way from Whitechapel to the then Foundling Museum. Together we researched the journey, the clothes, and London's history to create an accurate account of how a mother at that time might have found herself at the Foundling. Fortune used the past, present and future to explore the notion of travelling out of necessity and in order to find safety. 

Many participants wrote monologues, we would like to share one of them with you: 

“What is TRAVEL

Everyone has a different opinion. 

For some of you travel is a pleasure, going on a long drive to go out with friends, going abroad to experience new places & meet people, passing the borders to learn a new language or a new culture. 

For some of you travel is a need and NOT a chance to fulfil your dreams! 


If you are in a country where your basic human rights are disrespected and you just can't stay safe due to the stuff going on around you, you are forced to pass that country's border and travel elsewhere to protect yourself. 

This is a NEED for travel.”

(Rupa Begum)

Fortune performed their piece 'Right to Travel'. As huge letters were moving composing the words 'Escape', 'Holiday', 'Travel' and 'Moving', the performers brought to life the different ways people perceive travel and what happens when need is the driving force of a journey. The audience feedback was great! 'Thought-provoking and inspiring', 'emotional', 'inspiring'. 

It was a wonderful day and a great celebration of a year of learning and creative work. 

What is your favourite Human Right? 

Which Human Right resonates with you the most? 

Let us know, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.